Your friend will get an email like this:


Hello Mike,

We are writing to you at the request of your friend Matt (

Matt wanted us to send you a $5.00 cash coupon and invite you to visit our website, Buy Poppers .Net

Matt thought you would be interested in Buy Poppers .Net; it's a website where you can buy a large range of poppers at near-wholesale prices and have them delivered right to your door.

Here is the link:

As we promised Matt, we have just issued a coupon for you; here it is:

Coupon code: FR23456
Value USD: 5.00
Value EUR: 4.00
Value GBP: 3.00
Transferrable: Yes
Expires: Seven (7) days after issue

You can use the coupon to part-pay for any order you place at Buy Poppers .Net – just enter the coupon code right before checkout and click "Cash coupon". This will instantly take $5 off the total (or equivalent in your preferred currency).

We should perhaps add that our coupons are just like cash, i.e. they are fully tranferrable: you can give your coupon to somebody else if you have no need for it.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Buy Poppers .Net!

Best regards,

Customer Care Team

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