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Rush Poppers

Rush • 10cc bottle

The original and still a favorite – Rush is quite simply a legend. It's no surprise our power-packed, export-strengh Rush is one of our biggest sellers.

Buy bottles of Rush.

Hardware Poppers

Hardware • 10cc bottle

Hardware, as you might expect, is all about raw power and strength – so if that's how you like it, this is the bottle for you. Acts faster and lasts longer.

Buy bottles of Hardware.

Ram Poppers

Ram • 10cc bottle

Unleash this green beast for a wild night full of pleasure. Ram is a smoother but still very intense aroma – rest assured it does what it says on the label :-)

Buy bottles of Ram.

Jungle Juice Poppers

Jungle Juice • 10cc bottle

Real J.J., export strength. A tried and tested favorite, Jungle Juice is one of the world's top-selling aromas. Beware of imitations.

Buy bottles of Jungle Juice.

Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers

Jungle Juice Platinum • 10cc bottle

Jungle Juice Platinum is triple-filtered through activated charcoal filters to deliver unsurpassed purity, potency and shelf life. Ultra clean, extra strong and always in demand.

Buy bottles of Jungle Juice Platinum.

Blue Boy Poppers

Blue Boy • 10cc bottle

You like to play smooth? Then Blue Boy is the aroma you'll love. Created to intensify the experience as you play along... not too fast, no... gradually... until that amazing, pleasurable finale. So make some time, take it slow, and enjoy!

Buy bottles of Blue Boy.

Amsterdam Poppers

Amsterdam • 10cc bottle

Amsterdam: Europe's 'sin city', the city that parties, not sleeps, the city where open-mindness is a way of life and a daily dose of pleasure—in a variety of forms—is considered essential. Mellow yet intense, just like the city it's named after, Amsterdam poppers will not dissapoint – we guarantee it.

Buy bottles of Amsterdam.

Manscent Poppers

Manscent • 10cc bottle

Manscent is an aroma created by men for men – and it shows. This is the hot, steamy, 'rough' poppers power so many of you demand. Very masculine, very potent.

Buy bottles of Manscent.

Iron Horse Poppers

Iron Horse • Larger 15cc bottle

Not for horsing around with – this bottle sure packs a lot of power. So if you play the leather game, pick Iron Horse and release the stallion within!

Buy bottles of Iron Horse.

Taiwan Blue Poppers

Taiwan Blue • Larger 15cc bottle

Ultra discreet (no label), ultra sleek and very fresh aroma – that's Taiwan Blue. Cool, pure pleasure for those nights in or out.

Buy bottles of Taiwan Blue.

Eagle Poppers

Eagle • 10cc bottle

Thick, heavy, potent and long-lasting. That's Eagle, an old time San Francisco favorite that's long had a respectable fan base. We are not surprised at all – Eagle's definitely no weaklink popper!

Buy bottles of Eagle.

Brown Bottle Poppers

Brown Bottle • 10cc bottle

Yup, just a plain brown bottle – no label to give away its contents. So if discretion is on your mind, this (or the cool Taiwan Blue) is the brand to pick. Priced to please, too :-)

Buy bottles of Brown Bottle.

Rochefort Poppers

Rochefort • 10cc bottle

Give that muscle the workout it needs! Rochefort is different for sure – pretty heavy, almost sticky scent, made by Lockerroom Inc. since the 1970s. Very intense effect.

Buy bottles of Rochefort.

Rave Poppers

Rave • 10cc bottle

Cool Britannia! Rave, UK's favorite poppers. Trance the night away with this fresh, modern beat. Both fast-acting and intense.

Buy bottles of Rave.

Reds Poppers

Reds • 10cc bottle

Just like Rave, Reds too is another British favorite – now available in America and beyond! We like this aroma a lot.

Buy bottles of Reds.

Nitro Poppers

Nitro • 10cc bottle

Nitro powered for a very unique effect. A super-strength aroma, for the poppers specialist only. A truly powerful experience, everytime.

Buy bottles of Nitro.

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